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Before Your Portrait Sessions

The Booking Process

You can book your session online or by calling the studio directly, you’ll start by paying a session retainer and choosing your session date. Once this is done your session is secured. I recommend scheduling a maternity session within 6-8 months, depending on when you feel the best. A newborn session is best scheduled 5-10 days after your due date.

The Initial Consultation

Once you have booked your session I’ll contact you for a phone for a consultation. This will give us a chance to get to know each other and I’ll answer any questions you may have about your session. If you have inspirational images that you’d like to capture or share with me, please feel free to send them to me via text 951.294.1059. Please let me know if you would like to stop by the studio to see our portrait products in person. You’ll be able to see and feel their quality & craftsmanship for yourself.

Session Preparation

I have all of the drapes and fabrics you’ll need for a maternity session. You’re welcome to bring along anything that you’d like to photograph in. I recommend bringing along black and nude color undergarments. Dad can bring along a black shirt and a white shirt. Your hair and makeup should be moderately done and hands and feet manicured. Your hands are often a focus with maternity portraits.

Even if your baby does not take a pacifier please bring one with you. A baby always feels like it’s time to feed when their hands are posed near their face. The skin on skin contact is a trigger and sometimes makes it difficult for the baby to relax. Using a pacifier for this two hour session will help to make the session run smoothly, then you can choose to never use it again.

Dress your baby in an outfit that can be unzipped or unsnapped from the front. Please do not dress your baby in clothing that needs to be pulled over their head. If your baby falls asleep in the drive over it’s best to keep the baby asleep and make an easy transition into photographing.

I have variety of fabrics and blankets, hats and outfits to choose from. If you have a special stuffed animal or blanket or prop that you would like to bring along, feel free to do so.

Mommy and daddy can arrive in black or white shirts. You may want to bring a change of clothes in the event that your baby potties on you while photographing! It’s pretty common especially with boys!

Siblings are welcomed and encouraged to be in the portrait session. I suggest bringing them to the studio towards the end of the session or having a friend or grandparent help out. The start of the session is dedicated to mommy, daddy and your new born baby. Every effort is made to keep the studio environment calm and relaxed.

3-12 Month Milestones

Most of the milestone sessions can be photographed bare or with a simple diaper cover or bloomers. I recommend also bringing along a simple onesie or outfit. Often parents end up falling in love with the naked baby poses.

When’s your baby is sitting up crawling and walking you may bring along more elaborate outfits or you’re welcome to the selection of tutus and other accessories in the studio.

During The Photo Session

The easy part! All of your preparation is done and you can leave the rest to me! We’ll capture a variety of poses and expressions. Generally you’ll have 25-30 unique concepts to choose from.



When you arrive to the studio at 11 am, I’ll ask your to feed the baby. This will ensure that your baby is good and comfortable and sleepy. The studio will be nice and toasty warm so that your baby is comfortable even when undressed. Once your baby has a full belly the session begins. My retail studio is set up like a living room.  As I’m photographing your baby, you’re welcome to watch the session or relax on the couch to watch a movie. It’s even a good time to take a little nap.

After The Session

The In Person Ordering Session

About a week after your photo session you’ll return to the studio where you will view your images in a heartwarming slideshow. Together we’ll select the best images from the session. By this appointment you should already know whether you will want to purchase wall portraits, albums, digital files or any combination of portrait products. All decision makers must be present as your portrait order will be finalized and paid for at this sales session.

Product Delivery

Products take between 2-4 weeks to create. Once your order has been designed by me and printed by my labs, you’ll come back to the studio one final time to review your order finally take your art home to be enjoyed for years to come.

Enjoying your Artwork

I can tell you from my own personal experience and parents will always tell me the true value of this experience is really recognized when your sweet baby has become a growing toddler. You will be so thankful that you captured these precious newborn and first year moments. You’ll never understand the cliche of “they grow so fast” until you have your own babies. Each one of my clients will tell you, above televisions, electronics, furniture, you name it! The most valuable things they have in their home are the wall portraits and albums that I’ve created for their family.

I’m  honored and it is my pleasure to create such valuable family heirlooms and timeless memories for your family.

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