HI! My name is Amy Dawnelle and I'm a baby photographer in Temecula. My photo studio is in Murrieta California. Baby photography sessions are captured in my local photo studio or outdoors on location. This gallery showcases your baby's first year plan. Which is three months to a year old. Typically, I only need 30 minutes and a couple of outfit changes to create an adorable collection of baby images. You can schedule this type of baby session as a mini session or as a part of the first year plan. The first year plan is the best way for your baby to get to know me. As your baby grows and you say "Do you wan't to go see Amy today?" You'll see a child light up and become excited for picture day. Each time with genuine expression and a ton of fun! I have a collection of simple baby props, tu-tus, hats and head bands. You are welcome to use any of the styles that I have or to bring your own. Contact me today if you have any questions. Find Out More