This Is Alyssa

January 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This is Alyssa, so technically this was not a senior portrait session, but we stylized it that way so that's what we're calling it. Alyssa just had her 13th birthday and mom wanted to give her a really unique birthday present.  A portrait session for your birthday, how cool is that? She says it's been forever since they've done photographs.

So this hat.... I know right!? Stinken adorable.  I love accessories in a senior portrait session! After we meet up in Old Town, we were looking through all of her outfit changes. Mom says. "I forgot to bring the hat!" I say, "we need that hat!" It was a real emergency!

So, Alyssa and I start the session and mom's on the phone with dad. 911 style, Dad drops everything and rushes down to Old Town for our hat emergency.

As Alyssa and I are shooting an exaggerated model style strut down the sidewalk. Dad pulls up in the middle of Front Street mom runs out and grabs the hat and off we go! Thanks dad for saving the day! We all owe you!

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