Welcome to my  portrait photography portfolio.  I hope you enjoy the images that I had much fun creating.

I am a mom of three perfect babies! Well not really babies anymore and maybe only in my eyes perfect. But still my babies…. Roxann is a 15 going on 20, Nile is a 12 and seriously a genius, and the baby…. She’s  9. Sweet little Stevie will forever be my infant baby. Yes, by the way… I do still sniff them like they’re puppies when they’re sleeping. They are my purpose for everything and my inspiration in photography.

So, what are my qualifications? I understand all of the elements needed to create and impactful image. From lighting and posing to color harmony and composition. I work hard every day at perfecting my craft. Yes, I do love photography. But for me it is so much more than just the love of snapping pictures. I practice photography. I analyze every detail for amazing portraits. I’m constantly learning new styles, analyzing other professional images around me and I compete with my current portfolio. Continuing my education is what sets me apart from my competition. You can check out my list of awards here.

A bit about where I’m from… Well. I’m from here. I’ve lived in the Temecula – Murrieta area my entire life. I went from wanting to run away from this town screaming to realizing what a great place it was to raise a family. After a nice long career as an orthodontic office manager I decided that I wanted a career that truly made me happy. That was it!  I was going to take my life long hobby of photography and get serious about it. I was determined to take my camera off of “Program Mode” and become a “Real” photographer. I wanted to record light, not the way I saw it but the way I imagined it. And I wanted to know HOW to do that! For several years I juggled two jobs. The “Real” photographer thing… It took a very long time. I truly had no clue what I was getting into.  How difficult it would be and the amount of sleep that I would be sacrificing. Thankfully I loved every bit of it. The combination of right brain and left brain working together seamlessly to create art! I was hooked. So here I am today. So lucky and so thankful to be doing what I love. And honored to be photographing so many families in my community.